1. What age does my child have to be to enroll in Modern Recess?

We currently offer classes for children ages 3 - teens. Our classes are broken into the following age groups and we also have specialty classes for dance and yoga:best-zenith-replica.sciencepart.com


5-8 year olds

9-12 year olds

Dance Party for 4-8 year olds

Yoga Play for 3-5 year olds

Yoga for Teens (ages 13+)

Modern Recess is not a daycare and does not claim to be a daycare.

2. What type of classes are offered?

Our Kids classes will lay the foundation for all future movements that our young athletes will encounter, whether it be sport-specific or fitness related.

Our program is not intended to replace sports programs or extracurricular activities but designed to supplement them by helping enhance the movement abilities needed for real life actions, sport participation, and noncompetitive activity. Modern Recess is not a daycare and does not claim to be a daycare.

Classes will include strength training, yoga and mindfulness, balance, dance party, agility and speed training, circuit training, and hip hop dance. All classes are 55 minutes long (45 minutes of instruction and 10 minutes of free play) and will change on a daily basis.

3.  How do I sign up for classes?

ADVANCED REGISTRATIONS ARE REQUIRED. Please see the schedule of classes HERE to sign your child up in advance. You may also call or email us to reserve your child's spot. Please make sure you sign up your child for the class that is appropriate for their age. Parents and guardians are always welcome to observe classes but do not need to be present at the studio.

*Please note class is subject to cancel one hour before start time if no children are pre-registered for the class.

4. What if my child wants to improve his conditioning for a specific sport?

We offer one-on-one personal training available for our young athletes to improve their skills 

5. Can I bring snacks for my children?

Yes, children may bring a snack and/or a beverage to consume before or after their class. Children may only bring water into the exercise area during classtime. There will be a designated homework and snack area where they can enjoy their snack. Modern Recess will also provide healthy snacks and drinks for purchase. If you would like your child to purchase snacks and drinks at our studio, you may opt to leave a credit balance on your account.

6. Are there any times when I can drop off my child for play time?

YES! Need somewhere fun to take your kids while you're out for a night on the town?  Have no fear, Modern Recess is here! Bring your kids anytime between 6:30pm-9:30pm on Friday and Saturday nights and let us keep the troops entertained with movies, games, obstacle courses, snacks, and more! Space is limited so please call ahead to reserve a spot.


7. How do I host my child's birthday party at Modern Recess?

We are delighted to celebrate your child's birthday at Modern Recess! Available on weekend afternoons only, your group will have the whole studio to yourselves. Our team will take care of everything including decorations, setup, cleanup, and all of the fun fitness-based activities and games in between. You can choose a blancpain replica watches customized birthday theme that your child is sure to love. Themes are based on your child's interests, favorite sports, or personality and include a dance party, olympic games, sports,  game show, and more. Call or click HERE for more details and book early to get your preferred date and time as they are limited.