5 Great Ways for Kids To Stay Active and Entertained This Summerby

With the long summer vacation already upon us, one the questions on most parent’s minds is ‘What will the kids do this summer?’ Kids summer activities should be fun, playful and interesting, but many parents want their children’s activities to be enriching, active and healthy as well. Kids naturally love active play, and their developing bones, muscles and nervous systems also greatly benefit from exercise and physical activity. Here we look at 5 awesome activities for you to do this summer that parents and kids alike will love.

Summer Camp

Even today, you can still find many adults who cherish their memories of the summer camps they attended as kids. Your kids can create memories too while spending time on fun activities with their friends this summer. There are both sleep away camps, and day camps to suit each child’s needs and wishes. There’s no need to miss out on the fun if your child doesn’t want to go away for sleep away camp. ‘Day program’ camps offer a huge range and variety of awesome activities and that can be enjoyed with the continuity of coming back day after day for fun times with friends.

Camps can also be focused on physical activity, developmental exercises or specific sports or programs to suit your child’s interests and skill levels. Day camp allows your children to not only be safely taken care of, but also to enjoy the healthy and exciting physical activity that your child loves!

Exercise Classes

Many gyms understand the challenge that modern life can pose to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, even for the little ones! That’s why some gyms are specifically designed to cater to children and run custom tailored exercise programs for kids.

If your child is interested in dance, yoga, group exercise or even team sports, why not take them along to an activity or exercise class this summer? It’s a great way to try out a fun new activity to stay fit and active, and even see if it’s something your child would like to continue in the long term.

Team Sports

If your child is already involved in a team sport, the summer vacation is a great time to take the opportunity of helping them hone and improve their skills. This could be with informal games amongst just friends and family, or it could be with team sport training sessions, private coaching or even a team sport focused summer camp.


Heading to a warm and tropical destination? That’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy a swim in the nearest ocean, lake, river or pool. Bring child safe floaties, life jackets or water toys if necessary and have tons of fun while staying active in the water. If your child doesn’t know how to swim yet, the summer vacation is also a great time to have some swimming lessons and learn this vital skill.


Summer is the ideal time to enjoy the great outdoors, and what better way to do this than to take a hike in your local park or forest. Hiking can be great for children of all ages, but make sure you take the right shoes, water, sunscreen and bug spray to stay safe out there.

With these 5 ways to stay active and have fun this summer, not only will your family stay fit and healthy, you’ll never hear the words ‘I’m bored’ again!


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