Who are we?

For many kids, recess is their favorite time of the day, allowing kids to get exercise, build friendships, and recharge their brain. Modern Recess is San Ramon's newest kids fitness club designed for children ages 3-teens regardless of their athletic abilities. Our program is not intended to replace sports programs or extracurricular activities but designed to supplement them by helping enhance the movement abilities needed for real life actions, sport participation, and noncompetitive activity. Modern Recess rolex cellini replica watch recognizes that kids need the opportunity to allow their central nervous system to develop through general physical conditioning. Children aren't just little adults but developmentally have specific needs when it comes to building a foundation for physical activity and sports. Since our modern culture provides many temptations to adopt a sedentary lifestyle, our passion lies in helping kids improve general fitness. Along with structured FUN classes such as speed and agility, hip hop, Spooner boarding, yoga and balance, self-defense, and strength training, Modern Recess puts the FUN in teaching FUNctional movements that are FUNdamental to all things that kids need to do when they play for recreation or sport including running, jumping, kicking, climbing, lifting, pushing, pulling, and throwing and catching. If you couldn't tell, the core emphasis of Modern Recess is FUN! Modern Recess' mission is to encourage healthy activity, teach health and nutritional knowledge, and to help children instill health and fitness as a way of life.



It seems that the days of free play with neighborhood kids are long gone and instead have been replaced by other scheduled extracurricular activities, limiting generalized movement skills that are necessary for kids development. It has been studied that the earlier kids establish neural and gross motor improvements, the sooner they can progress in other activities. Reinforcing these basic biomechanical movements at a young age are essential to their development and can decrease their risk of injury whether it is on the soccer field, on the playground, playing an instrument, or performing daily activities. Along with establishing lifelong healthy patterns, evidence shows that participation in physical activity encourages kids to stay in school, get better grades, and gain self-confidence. Listen to the experts—recess is doctor approved! The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that “children should be physically active for at least 60 minutes per day”. Due to budget cuts and the push to raise standardized test scores, many schools have seen a decline in the amount of physical education and free time offered to students. Modern Recess will bridge this gap by providing structured group exercise classes to children in Kindergarten through Eighth grade. By combining an outcome-based method of training along with fun, Modern Recess can help create a better experience for all involved--kids, parents, coaches when it comes to physical activity.


-Improve gross motor skills in a small group environment

-Increase strength and endurance

-Gain flexibility and coordination

-Better brain function and memory

-Increase in confidence and self-esteem

-Develop social skills and make new friends